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Monday, May 10, 2010


..welcome back, wel-come BACK! Hey, you know you like that." Now I know you know who that is? Well if you don't it's Mase and I just so happen to be singing his song "Welcome Back," because GOSH has it been a while!? How are you? How are things? Well things are GREAT my way! First I made a 91 on my final math exam today, so far... my GPA has risen to a 3.2. I'm working on landing this job at Aeropostale, while I'll be attending summer school at NCCU (and also volunteering with Eagle Core & summer orientation)! Everything is looking good and God is surely smiling upon me.

Anywho how's school going? I know high school graduation is right around the corner! Soon you'll be in my shoes next year, moving into college, taking that one step into adulthood, leaving your parents for a while.. aww you're growing up! Anyway, I want to apologize if I didn't blog as much as I should've but if you decide or want to become a freshman blogger (Email Mr. Brian Merr.. yea thats Merritt at bmerritt@nccu.edu), then you will definently see it becomes difficult at times to manage. With that said, this will probably be my last time blogging, good luck with all your endeavours, future plans and aspirations.

Until next time.
- Ashley

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hello world! Hey, hey, hey guys! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year! Wow.. like it's been forever and I have sooo much to tell you. First off.. how are you? How were your holidays? I hope fantastic, mine went fairly well, but most importantly I missed you guys! Uhh, lol! So.. did you make any New Year's Resolution? Well.. if you did or didn't.. I didn't! They're overrated and pointless. You wanna know why? Because some people set them and then either forget to follow or do right by themselves and do what they say they're supposedly going to do. Anyway!

I've been so busy that I can hardly make time to blog, but I vow to you guys to try and do better. Promise! I believe in keeping promises and my mean something, but let me update you on some things! Since first semester is over.. I set new goals to achieve! For example, I have a low tolerance for C's.. so there will be ABSOLUTELY NO C's this year. I was highly disappointed in myself last year, so I'm striving to do wayyy better this year.

Next is track! Yes I'm still on the team! Everyday I feel myself improving by becoming stronger and faster. Last weekend we went to Virgina Tech and let me tell ya.. those girls and guys are FAST! I didn't run, but simply to observe and receive the experience. This was a HUGE blessing. SN (side note)-- hard work pays off!

So now that you're up to date.. I want to remind you to always stay focused. Whether it be a short or long term goal, don't forget the goals you set for yourself. Sometimes people and things can get catch our attention and try pulling us away from our focus, but I'm here to tell you.. STAY FOCUSED! Say it to yourself until it sinks in and remains in your brain! Ok? Kool beans, be back soon.. promise.

Laterr cool cats. (:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fighting is NOT the answer and a very BIG NO-NO in college!

So.. I know I said I wouldn't be back for another twenty years (just kidding) to blog, but the Lord encouraged me to speak upon a situation a close friend of mine is in. So here goes... (gonna need an entire paragraph for this one)

I have a friend that participates in a sport here at NCCU and he isn't very fond of a particular male on the team. The reason being is because of something the guy said to him at practice which eventually escalated into an argument and somewhat got out of hand (or whatever). Now! My friend wants to set him straight, because the guy is (apparently) going around saying he hit (my friend) him in the face a couple times when they got into the argument. Ok! WHO CARES what the boy said?

Like.. let's think logically.. here's my thing.. my mom has always told me (even to this day) people are going to talk, gossip etc. about you until the day you die. Why jeopardize your future over something so petty or what someone supposedly said (that's probably NOT even true)? 95% of the rumors people spread aren't told correctly from when it was "originally spoken." Someone either didn't understand what they were being told and spread to another person the WRONG information or put their own little twist on the story/rumor.

And.. another thing.. fighting is NOT TOLERATED on NCCU campus (or any other collegiate campus for that matter). I don't care if you do it behind closed doors, its still against the rules! I was informed that anyone attemmpting to fight will be taken downtown (to the po-po station) to be charged! So the question I have to my young readers, viewers etc. is.. is fighting worth getting taken downtown? Is figthing worth risking your future in a sport your really good at? And lastly, is it worth your time? The answer is NO!

NO, NO, NO! People refuse to use their brains! I'm sure the good Lord above wouldn't have blessed us with one, if he didn't think we would need or use it! Be the bigger, maturer young adult by forgetting about the situation and ignoring the person!

Anyway.. my friend didn't care about my opionion on the situation, but you also can't make people change their mind about what they want to do. So in conclusion, when it comes to solving the issues or problems you encounter (throughout life), violence is not the answer.

Make love, not war.

Later cool cats.


Apology accepted?

Ok.. so once again.. I want to apologize (I know this is like my tweninth time apologizing), because I haven't been blogging as much as I should but.. you gotta understand.. between running track (my job), maintaining my school work (full time student--oh yea!), and singing with the choir. I have got A LOT on my plate! And yes.. I'm still alive and doing well! But for real.. all I'm asking is that you guys work with me.. alright?! Ok? Cool!

Anyway.. how are you? I hope well. What about your weekend? Ok cool, mine went well too. How about your Veteran's Day off? Can you believe we didn't have the day off! Plus.. it was raining like crazy! But Lord was I estatic when the sun came back out. The sun always makes me happy! I've been compared to the sun. Bright, warm and bouncy! Well.. I'm not sure if the sun is bouncy, but in my world it is lol! I think you'd agree though.

But.. I have some work I need to complete before (track) practice, so I'll talk to you guys later. Stay smart!

Later cool cats!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


... was my official first day running with the track team! Yay me, lol. Hey! I'm sore, but FINALLY glad to be running. It's what I do. Anywho... if you didn't know, now you know! I'm BLOGGER OF THE WEEK! Once again.. yay me! But enough about me and my blessings, how are you? How was your break? (If you had one.) Well mine was fairly relaxing. I went home, got a home cooked meal and hung out with my family. Hey! Life is great, lol smiley face!

So... I guess today, hold up... what time is it (looks at clock)? 7:15p... I mean tonight... I want to talk with you about getting involved! Now I know not everyone is a people person like myself, but wherever you decide to attend college (which I HIGHLY encourage) get involved! Become active in a sport, academic club, or chess (if that's your thing) lol. DO IT!

Don't be afraid to break out of that shell you're hiding behind (if your shy) and become an active student and/or member on campus or the community. Take me for example... I'm in the gospel choir (Worship and Praise Inspirational Mass Choir), freshman blog (whoo), the track team (ooh ooh) and Victorious Praise Students for Christ campus ministry.

Now... you don't have to be in as many things as myself, but at least do a little somethin' somethin'. Make a difference in someone's life! I personally wanted to become more in tune with my spiritual side such as, attending church on the regular basis and praising the Lord at choir rehearsal. As well as... my physical side, doing something I enjoy and working hard everyday to become a better athlete. I've been running track since middle and throughout high school year.

I'm fast, almost like Road Runner and speedy Gonzales (the little mouse). All I'm saying is try! If not for me or ya me ma or ya lil cousin Ray Ray (lol smiley face) do it for YOU!

"...and with that said... what's done is done." - Macbeth

I'm about to go hop in the shower (to soak my bunions, jk. I don't have bunions haha), study, complete some more assignments, relax, and reflect on today's events.

Later cool cats!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Road Runner "meep, meep!"

Gosh! It has been a minute, howa are you guys? I hope well, me on the other hand haha.. whoo I don't even know where to begin! I have been extremely busy and there aren't enough words to express how sorry I am for not checking in with my blog as much as I should.

Anyhow... the topic I wanted to talk about today is being tired!

The topic I want to talk about today is being tired! In my Health book, I read that "collge students are notorious for staying up late to study and socialize during the week and sleepin in on the weekends. Only 11% of college students report good quality sleep, while 30% suffer chronic sleep difficulites." I totally agree with this statistic because I myself have pulled an all-nighter then felt drowsy in class the next day.

I, Ashley Alston, a college freshman is here to tell you... that when you get into college, don't get caught up so much in your social life (READ CAREFULLY: I am NOT telling you to not have one, I want you to have a life outside of your school work) but manage your time wisely. Time Management! (Read below) It's important that you get ample amount of rest to be able to stay up in class and just be vivacious (A new word I learned; it relates to my mood.. most days.) throughout your day!

But.. anyway.. go to bed, please please manage your time wisely and most importantly do your work.. OH and go to class!


P.S. Check out my road runner video. I've been feeling like him the most this entire week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Student First!

OMG! I have been so busy! From choir rehersal with WPI (NCCU) gospel choir, making sure everything is straight with my Clearing House status for track (so that I can possibly run this year), working on a display board for Victorious Praise Students for Christ that will be displayed in the Career Job Fair coming up in October to maintain my blog along with my school work. Can you say time management?

I need to o read my own blog lol, but before I begin I want to apologize... I'm sorry you guys! Have no fear.. Ashley is here!

So.. last weekend was pretty amazing.. hold on.. idk what I did.. hmmm.. give me a minute (having a moment)... ok so since I can't remember the weekend before last, this past weekend, I went to the Morehead VS NCCU game! We lost..

unfortunately by three points. I enjoyed spending time with my mom and little brother. My suite mates and I went shopping for our living room, which was oodles of fun! Overall, family weekend was great! Track is coming along well! I don't know if I told you but I'm O--ficially on the track team! (I know right, sooo awesome) I haven't started running yet, but I can't wait to get on the track and begin training.

Anyway my point of this blog is to reassure and inform you to be a student FIRST! Always! No matter what club, sport or any other activity you decide to participate in. Striving for your degree and a successful future is important.